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When hiring a cab company, you want someone that is prompt, safe, and can get you where you need to go quickly. At River City Cab in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, our services are centered around giving you a comfortable ride at a reasonable price and have been that way since we started nearly 20 years ago.

We’ll provide you with a ride that’s reliable and prompt each time you contact us. Our drivers are friendly and understand your need to get where you need to go quickly. Our taxis are clean, comfortable, and extremely reliable. Every driver we hire is experienced, and they are locals, meaning that they know the area and will get to you swiftly even when traffic is heavy.

We’re known for our affordable rates. Our low prices allow you to travel long distances without spending a large sum of money. Each time our drivers go out, they account for the current road conditions and will make sure they’re able to arrive on time, every time. We want to keep our community safe.

We’re proud to provide residents within the area with a taxi service they can rely on no matter what. Contact our team today and we’ll set you up with prompt pick-up that is sure to get you to your destination on time. 

We Offer:

Prompt Pick-Up

Affordable Rates

Friendly Drivers

Clean Taxis